“I’m so confused about what just happened to me…”

Dear Reader,

The title of this post is a direct quote from all three chickens, who have now all laid their first egg!  Day one of laying was a decidedly stressful experience for each of them.  They didn’t all lay for the first time on the same day, but each did in quick succession over the course of two days.  Nutman (leader of the pack and not-so-aptly-named by my little bear) is still perturbed by the laying experience, and keeps pecking a hole in one end of each of her eggs.  We’re hoping she’ll give up on that since chickens quickly develop a taste for eggs if allowed to eat them.

The first egg, laid from the roost, and inedible 😦

So tiny, so cracked

I made a squash and tomato dish with goat cheese, garlic and paprika tonight, and baked the first four edible eggs on top.  I neglected to take a picture of it; rest assured, it was very pretty and very delicious!  As production — and size — picks up, we should have many fantastic, eggy culinary experiences to share.

Until next time,



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