Trial and Error…

Dear Reader,

Remember when I said I got tired of reading and decided to just get started?  There’s a reason why it is recommended that we “measure twice, cut once.”  In this case, I should have read more and worked less.  In basing the construction of our raised bed SIPs primarily on pictures, I missed a couple of important elements that, if we had planned for them, would have saved us considerable effort.

First of all, I was so delighted when I found the drain pipe at the hardware store, and so immersed in doing math to buy the right amount of it (math — bleck), I bought it without realizing that there are two varieties:  solid and perforated.  I resolutely sat on my little gardening stool for an hour using an exacto knife to make slits along the solid pipe, wondering if they would be sufficient to allow the right amount of water to seep into the surrounding soil. 

Then manly man, who had been measuring and cutting the pipes into 4 foot lengths for the beds, asked why I hadn’t just gotten the kind with the holes already in it.  I had purchased two 25 foot extensions of the solid variety, and a 12 foot extension of the more useful perforated variety.  And, of course, we had already cut the solid pipes so we could return them and get what we should have in the first place.  Ack.

Next, after all the lengths were cut, slits were made, and the pipes were positioned in the beds, it dawned on me that they were in no way connected and would each need their own watering funnel.  Fortunately, it was a warm day and everyone was happy to drink a couple of bottles of water.  We also dug through our neighbor’s recycling bin (with permission) and retrieved a few plastic bottles. 

I’ve since seen several designs that integrate all the piping so that only one funnel is needed to fill the reservoir.  Oh well.

At any rate, the beds are lined, the pipes are cut and positioned, the water bottle funnels are installed, and now we just need A LOT more dirt.

The quest continues,



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