Trying to picture a cubic yard…

Dear Reader,

Tomorrow is a very big day for Rousseau’s Garden.  The manly man and the manliest man (my dad) are going to visit a landscaping service that specializes in recycling leaves, wood, brush, etc. to create compost and to enrich their chemical-free topsoil (  Their “topsoil plus” has compost already worked in, which will save us a lot of work.  Since we’ve always purchased gardening soil in bags, it’s hard to imagine how many cubic yards of this stuff we’re going to need for our raised beds.  Fortunately, the manliest man has lots of experience with these kinds of things, so we’ll let him take the lead.  It is his truck, after all…

While the men are off collecting dirt, the kids and I will be lining the beds and constructing the subirrigation systems.  I’m a little nervous about that part since I’ve learned from my very small outdoor SIPs that including an overflow spout is essential to prevent over-saturation.  I haven’t confessed to manly man yet that we’ll have to create a hole in each bed for that purpose; I can already hear the heavy sigh.  He’ll know soon enough, though, because he’s a subscriber to this blog!

It’s supposed to be partly cloudy and quite warm for spring tomorrow, so should be a good day for shovelling.  Get ready for lots of pictures!!

Until tomorrow,



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