Think about it…

Dear Reader,

It’s situations like this that interfere with our clean food choices:  “Supreme Court Rejects Farmer Who Tangled With Tyson.”    Massive agribusinesses have adequate power and resources to simply quash those who would question their practices.  And, granted, their practices keep the costs down for the consumer, but the price is quite high when it comes to our health.  The long term effects of what seems benevolent today are nebulous, but shouldn’t we err on the side of caution?  More importantly, shouldn’t we have a choice?  There are local food providers that work hard to give us those choices, but the cost can be prohibitive.  There are clean farmers that form small cooperative ventures to make their product more affordable for the consumer, but it can be hard for them to get their product to market.  And then there are the farmers who want to do the right thing and get shut down by behemoths like Tyson.

Anyway… just some (challenging but clean :)) food for thought before I shut things down for the evening.

T Minus 4 and excitement is growing!



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