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Dear Reader,

I didn’t know anything about Monsanto until I watched Food, Inc.  If you care about clean food but lack the motivation to bring it into your life, you should watch it (you can stream it on Netflix).  You will never enter a grocery store without considering what you drop into your basket again.  Long story VERY short, Monsanto is a massive agricultural biotechnology corporation that specializes in altering the way we produce food in ways that are neither natural nor healthy.  If you are familiar with saccharin, rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone), “Round Up” herbicide, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), then you are familiar with Monsanto even if you don’t recognize the company’s name.

Let’s say that none of Monsanto’s products are particularly disturbing for you; let’s even grant the “in moderation” caveat. The issue I learned about Monsanto from Food, Inc. that is most upsetting is their monopoly over the use of certain seed varieties.  In a nutshell, because their GMO seeds are patented, they have been able to claim that the presence of a single, accidentally placed seed in an otherwise non-GMO farmer’s field allows them to sue said farmer for patent infringement.  Even if the farmer can prove that nary a single Monsanto seed strayed into his or her field, the farmer’s resources compared to Monsanto’s make carrying out the case prohibitive, and they tend to simply give in.  Hopefully this injustice piques your interest enough to watch the film; you will undoubtedly come away from it a changed person some way.

The ultimate purpose of this entry is not just to encourage a view of Food, Inc., but to encourage you to sign up for Food Democracy Now (FDN) and sign this petition:  Check out FDN’s other campaigns and see if they interest you.  And spread the word!

T minus 5 and counting…



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