Taking SIPs to School…

Dear Reader,

Good news!  My kindergartener’s teacher has accepted my request to introduce small-scale SIPs to his classroom!  I’m very excited to demonstrate the technique, to encourage little ones to sow positive seeds, and to find another way to spend time in my little buddy’s classroom (just hanging out in the corner is frowned upon).

I’m going to ask the teacher to collect soda and water bottles, and I’ll bring the soil and seeds.  We’ll use the technique shown here (the site where I got the idea):  http://www.thewormdude.com/tag/sips/.  I’m leaning toward lettuce and leafy herb seeds because the finished product will allow the kids to learn about harvesting for future production (cut off leaves so that more will grow).

I used to love hanging out in my dad’s and my grandparents’ gardens when I was a kid.  Little did I know then how much you can accomplish with a tiny bit of dirt:  a small plot in the front yard; container gardens on the back porch; even window boxes on a balcony.  As a child, the taste of summer tomatoes and spring onions was an addiction.  As an adult, the addiction has expanded to include the satisfaction of producing clean food, saving money, spending time outside, and instilling the same interests in my boys.  Being able to take those interests to all the little cuties in my son’s class is even better!

T minus 6 days…




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  1. […] few thoughts occurred to me regarding my memories of childhood gardens (see previous post, “Taking SIPs to School“).  My grandparents’ garden was in between their house and their neighbor’s, a […]


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