Progress, and a little proof…

Dear Reader,

Yesterday was exciting, productive, and just a little exhausting.  We plotted the area we plan to use, created a structural plan, did a lot of math (the exhausting part, in my opinion), made a materials list, and hit the hardware store.  We now have a garage full of items whose destiny is to feed our family and publicize clean eating and self-reliance.  Next week we build; the week after we go get the compost; and, finally, we plant.  We bought organic, locally produced seeds from the wonderful Pogue’s Run grocery, as well as a small bag of worm castings to mix with our starter soil (we will be vermicomposting; more on that later).  We already have a variety of seedlings; we’re going to experiment with starting from transplants vs. putting the seeds directly into the compost.   There are so many schools of thought on both methods, we decided it’s best to just see what works for us.  Stated differently, I got tired of all the reading and chose activity over books.

I have been stymied by a missing USB cord, specifically the one that connects our latest camera (oh, how I miss film!) to my latest computer (oh, how I miss not being addicted to technology!).  I took pictures with my mobile phone that turned out, surprisingly, not bad; and, since I actually found THAT cord, here is some pictorial evidence of our pending goal:

The general area of the front yard we plan to use for Rousseau's Garden: northwest corner of property

Alternate view of planned area: looking north

Our buckeye tree: not too worried about shade from her

Our maple tree: a little concerned about shade from her

Signs of activity in the dirt!

Corn: one of the delicious three sisters; stay out of my yard, Monsanto!

Spinach: I'm strong to the finish 'cause...

Chard: Spinach's showy and delicious friend

Little by little, we will get there.  Slow and steady wins the race, n’est ce pas?

And now, just for fun:

Our first daffodil of 2011!!



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